Unrequited Love

I watch every day,
the painter at work.
In worlds and stars,
upon her walls, I lurk…

The Gray

Crisp air flew
and bells tolled
in a city of shadows
no souls to behold.

Under a Yokai Moon

I walked the pebbles
on sandaled feet,
beneath a pink tree
with blossoms so sweet…

Promises, promises.

I walked the path
as it crumbled to dust
from the pressure
of living things…

Still Water

Harsh is the breath
that scratches my throat
when I wake on the shore
at the foot of a boat…


A troubled mind

shuffles between

pages and ink with

words that scream…

Hive Mind

Could the world keep
turning if we turned
a blind eye, asleep,
to truth unlearned?

The Quiet Neighbor

After long evenings,
tired from stress.
I flee to my balcony,
to think on my mess.

Stealing Time

How often had I heard
the scratching in the wall?
After all that time,
I had no clue. Not at all.

Vision of Blue

Green-eared and glossy,
but smiles do fade.
Vacant stares and mellow,
dew drops on blade…