Vision of Blue

Green-eared and glossy,
but smiles do fade.
Vacant stares and mellow,
dew drops on blade…

Games We Play

We play pretend in a dance
of two. A cat and mouse,
chase and play. The next one
won’t be a lie, you lie again…

Beyond the Sea

Languish in three parts:
Come in silence.
Come in confession.
Come in dismissal…

The Rot of Veratfalls

Spanning thousands of miles was once a forest unfettered by the touch of mortal-kind. Only Treants, those born of bark and skin, were free to enter.


My life is a rhyme,
a riddle at most.
Coffee at morning,
I take it with toast.

The Sword of Galdorae

They say a dragon rests beneath the sea, pierced by a sword and pinned to the ocean floor so that she may never rise again.

To dream, or not to dream?

Personally, I enjoy dream sequences and choose to include them in my work. If you’re on the fence, let me share some thoughts as both a reader and writer.

Things that make me cringe…

I think we all have a list like this, whether or not we know it. This is my cringe-worthy list of cringes; Things that make me roll my eyes in books, movies, or shows. When you write a book, you’re telling a story you want others to read.

The Sands of Time

The sands are alive.
Oh, look and listen,
how they breathe,
how they thrive.

Window Shopping

Shopping for a new book to read is like window-shopping. We search for things that catch our eyes, and we never touch anything we don’t like the look of. You have to compete to get your book off the shelf, and you can’t do that with a boring cover. The truth hurts and I’m not sorry.